How to Build Walls, Ceilings, and Doors for Your Minecraft Construction - dummies

How to Build Walls, Ceilings, and Doors for Your Minecraft Construction

By Adam Cordeiro, Emily Nelson

Time to break out the hard hats! Your Minecraft building will need to be added to. Once you have the basic structure, your next move should be to add walls, ceilings, and doors.

Building walls

Walls provide stability for your house and a place to put the roof. They can also divide the interior space into separate rooms — just like they do in your real-life house. Follow these instructions to make walls:

  1. Gather wood from trees.

    You can get wood from trees by breaking their trunks. To break their trunks, right-click and hold until the trunk breaks. Be sure to gather as much wood as you think you will need.

    If you want to speed up the process, you can make an axe. You don’t necessarily need any tools to do this, but you need 3 cobblestone and 2 sticks.

    Place the first cobblestone in the upper left corner of your crafting table; the second cobblestone, in the middle box of the left column; and the last one, in the top box of the middle column. Next, place the 2 sticks in the remaining boxes of the middle row. The crafting table does its magic by exchanging everything you’ve added for an axe.

  2. Place the wood in the crafting table.

    There’s no need to place them in a specific box — you can put them anywhere on the table. The crafting table exchanges them for wooden planks — one wood makes four wooden planks.

  3. Use the wooden planks to make the outline of your house.

    This outline is the item we’ve referred to as a wireframe.


  4. Stack blocks on top of the wireframe, until the wall is finished.

    The wall can be as tall as you want it to be, but remember that this is a simple house, so its walls shouldn’t be over 5 blocks tall.

  5. Continue building walls until you have made all four.

    All four walls should be the same height.


Building a ceiling

After building all the walls, you still need something to keep the rain out — a ceiling, in other words. To build the ceiling, you use the same kind of wooden planks you used for the walls. That way, you can match the walls’ color and texture.

Ceilings should be around three blocks high — you need to move around without hitting your head! — but that means you need a way to reach higher. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Place 1 block in front of you and jump on it.

    To jump, just press the spacebar.

  2. Jump again and right-click to place another block under yourself.

    The idea here is to create a sturdy platform that you can use to reach the top of the walls.

  3. Keep doing this until you’re able to reach the top of the wall.

  4. When you’ve reached the top of the wall, build from one wall to the opposite wall by placing blocks on the side of the blocks that make up the wall.


Building a door

With the ceiling and walls in place, it’s time to build a door to your house. To make a door, create a door frame by breaking 2 blocks in the wall. (One block should be on top of another.)

You can break a block at any time by left-clicking the block.

To make a door to fill the frame you created, you need six wooden planks. Place the wooden planks on the crafting table, filling the left and middle columns. Take the door in exchange for the planks. Then just right-click to place the door in the hole you made and you’re done!