How to Build an Effective House in Minecraft - dummies

How to Build an Effective House in Minecraft

By Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay, Jacob Cordeiro

After you’ve built a basic shelter in the game, you’ll want to move on to a more effective dwelling place. The first of these, leading up to a much more elaborate and complex home base, is a house. Houses are little fragments of a base.

A house is usually built as your first base and then you either find a new base or expand on your starter home. Houses can also be for decoration, just because you want to make your environment a little nicer. In addition, if you are building a homemade village, the villagers in your village will need an effective house to protect them from zombies.

One creative goal in Minecraft is building things. Although a wooden rectangle with a door is likely to satisfy most of your needs, having a giant house full of storage chests, crafting tables, beds, farms, and other tidbits is always satisfying — and a welcome sight after completing a long adventure. The type of house reflects the personality and skill of the builder and can even be a status symbol in multiplayer games.

Though building is primarily left to your creativity, a few tips can help you build quickly and easily:

  • To build upward, jump and quickly place a block underneath yourself. Repeat this action to make a pillar.

  • To build off a ledge, hold the Shift key (so that you don’t fall) and walk up to the rim of the ledge. Then you can place blocks on the side of the ledge as shown in the figure.

  • To build a floor, move backward while placing blocks in front of you to make a line. To fill a space, repeat in any pattern you choose.