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How to Use the Review Interface in Gamestar Mechanic

In Gamestar Mechanic, reviews and comments are displayed beneath the game screen while you’re playing a game. Here are some tips for how to use the review interface as well as leave your own reviews or comments.

To leave a review, you must first have completed Episode 1 of Addison Joins the League.

Viewing reviews and comments

You can view the reviews for a game by going to the page where the game is played and then scrolling down. As many as five reviews at a time can be displayed there, and you can see the others by clicking the Previous and Next buttons in the upper-right corner of the review box.


If you want to see only reviews and no comments, or vice versa, click either the Comments button or the Reviews button in the upper-right corner of the review box. Clicking the All button undoes these filters, as does refreshing the page.

Submitting a review or comment

Leaving a review is simple: To the right of the game screen is a large box labeled Your Review. It has five stars (Rating), five gears (Difficulty), and a text box labeled Review Notes. Click the highest star and gear that you want to give the game (rightmost is 5 stars, leftmost is 1 star), and enter your review in the Review Notes text box.


There are also three buttons — labeled Gameplay, Story, and Visuals — which add extra text boxes to the review box. In these text boxes, you can add extra elements to your review. Click the Submit button to post the review.

If you don’t want to give a general review, and instead you simply want to say something about the game or to the designer, scroll down the page to the Leave a Comment text box beneath the Reviews & Comments section. Type your comment, and then click Submit to post it.


You can leave only one review per game, but you can post as many comments as you want. Every text box can hold 1,000 characters.

Leave respectful reviews and comments. You cannot delete reviews or comments after you’ve posted them, though you can edit reviews. After you post a review, the Submit button changes to an Edit button — by clicking it, you can revise your review.

The only way your review or comment can be deleted is for another user to click the triangular Flag button in the upper-right corner of the post, reporting it as inappropriate to the administrators.