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How to Use the Karakuri Phoenix in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

The Karakuri phoenix destructible block can repair other sprites in your Gamestar Mechanic game. After placing this block on the level you’re designing, you must click on another sprite that you want to attach the block to. When the attached sprite is destroyed, it becomes transparent, and two red orbs spin around it (indicating it’s being resurrected), as the phoenix block turns red as well (indicating it’s resurrecting the sprite).

After a set amount of time, depending on the phoenix’s Resurrection Duration setting (which you can set with the Edit tool), the sprite returns to the game with full health. This can be done with enemies or destructible blocks — you can even have a phoenix block resurrect another phoenix block. Phoenix blocks work at any range, so the sprite they resurrect keeps coming back until the phoenix block is destroyed.

Check out this example of how the phoenix block can turn a shooting game into a dodging game. The gray-and-red blocks spaced throughout the level are all phoenix blocks, and each one is linked to one of the enemies. The phoenix block is bright red because it is in the process of resurrecting a destroyed sprite.

The player must defeat seven enemies on each side, but the enemies on one side are regenerated by the phoenix blocks on the other side — you cannot destroy any of the enemies (they’ll just revive themselves) until you destroy the phoenix blocks opposite them. The player tries to destroy the phoenix blocks at the top, shooting the invincible guards to stun them as they regenerate.


If you set the resurrection duration to 0, the phoenix block effectively makes its linked sprite invincible unless the phoenix is destroyed. This is useful when making a glass door that requires the phoenix block to be found before it can be opened, or for making an indestructible enemy with a consistent motion pattern. However, this setting allows the linked sprite to gain back only 1 hit point after resurrecting.