How to Use Texture Settings in GameMaker: Studio

By Michael Rohde

The Texture Settings, and in particular the Texture Group, can be useful when you start making very large games and you need to keep track of many different resources. Essentially, GameMaker enables you to save Sprites, Backgrounds, and Fonts to different groups for your reference later.

To create a Texture Group, follow these steps:

1From the main menu, choose Resources→Change Global Game Settings.

The Global Game Settings window opens.

The Texture Groups tab in the Settings window of GameMaker.

2Click the Texture Groups tab, as shown in this figure.

The Texture Groups tab of the Global Game Settings window.

3Click the Add button near the bottom of the window.

A new Texture Group appears in the Texture Groups section.

The Rename Texture Group dialog box.

4To rename the new Texture Group, select it, and then click the Rename button (near the Add button).

The Rename Texture Page dialog box appears (see this figure).

5Enter a new name, and click OK.

The renamed Texture Page appears in the Texture Groups section.

The properties section of GameMaker.

6Click OK to save and close the Global Game Settings window.

Now that you have more than one Texture Group, when you’re in the Sprites Properties, you can assign that Sprite to the new Texture Group. From the Texture Group drop-down list, select the group you want (see this figure). Texture Groups do help optimize game performance.