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How to Use Space in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

Space (sometimes referred to as game space) is the environment where the Gamestar Mechanic game takes place. Your use of space determines your game design — how the game looks as well as progresses.

If you’re lost for ideas, think about the space you want to design: Do you want your game to feel open or tight? Do you want to design an arena, a dungeon, or a progression of rooms full of enemies? Also consider how much of your space you need to use, as well as how much you can reserve for visual elements (collections of sprites that build the visual style).

As you gain experience, you may start designing the game space at the same time you’re focusing on other components, to ensure that the game space is a good fit for your ideas. However, dividing the game space into manageable sections, such as rooms or paths, is a helpful way for both beginners and veterans to build fun, well-rounded games.

An open space has the power to give a wide, expansive feel to a game, though wastefulness isn’t recommended. The game should include enough detail to justify the quantity of space, and players should be able to find and reach objectives quickly.