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How to Use Megasprites in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

The Gamestar Mechanic enemy class known as the megasprite is four times the size of other not-so-mega sprites and occupies a 2-by-2 square on the grid. You can place a megasprite on your grid only if all four of the squares it’s being placed on are empty. A total of eight different megasprites are in Addison’s Complete Quest: They are either pacing megachasers or sharpshooting megasnipers (one per school).


Megasprites have a number of unique characteristics:

  • They cannot be spawned. Enemy generators and enemy spawn points are too small to create megasprites. This means that megasprites work best as boss battles, since they can only be destroyed, never created.

  • They have increased health boundaries. Whereas most enemies can have a maximum of only 10 hit points (outside of the Quest missions), megasprites can have as many as 15, depending on the sprites. They also have an increased minimum health, which varies between megasprites: Only Acheron megasprites can have 1 hit point (as well as the megadragon from the Mystical sprite pack).

  • Some megasnipers have better shooting damage. Usually, all bullets deal 1 point of damage, and this value cannot be changed. However, certain megasprites shoot more powerful bullets: The Acheron megasniper deals 2 points of damage, and the Altair megasniper deals 3. In addition, the Acheron megasniper shoots three bullets at a time: one straight ahead and two angled to each side.

  • They pass over gaps. If you add a megasprite to a platformer game and have it walk toward a pit that’s one block wide, the megasprite passes right over the pit. You can use this to your advantage, making platforms that certain sprites fall through and others do not.

If you make a platformer game in which the avatar is on the same platform as a megasniper, the megasniper’s bullets fire slightly higher than normal ones, making them difficult to block.

The megadragon from the Mystical sprite pack (a pack containing many sprites beyond Addison’s Complete Quest) is a useful addition to the megasprite family. It has triple bullets that deal 1 point of damage apiece, and its health and damage sliders have the widest variety (1 to 15 health; 0 to 10 damage). It can also fire bullets at superfast speed, similar to the Acheron megasniper.