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How to Use Goals in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

Whereas rules add new restrictions to a game on Gamestar Mechanic, goals give the game purpose. Goals are the conditions that the player must satisfy to beat the level. Unlike with rules, you can design only a limited number of goals, as described in this list:

  • Reach the goal block. As long as at least one goal block (or the variation sprite hidden goal) is in the level, the component is added as a goal. The player may touch the goal block after all other goals are complete, making that block the end point of the level.

  • Collect points. By adding a score keeper system sprite to the game, you give the player the incentive to collect items that grant points. Though you can set the score keeper to require any number of points from the player, it’s most often used to make the player collect every point in the level.

    This tool is useful because it requires the player to complete several tasks that aren’t necessarily linear (completed in a certain order).

    Use points to lead the player through an adventure. Placing points at key locations is a good way to ensure that the player moves to them.

  • Interact with enemies. The frag counter and the population counter system sprites require the player to have a deeper interaction with the game, by either fragging them or keeping a specific number of an enemy in the level.

To get creative with goals, look for interesting ways to apply the goals you can use. System sprites can be used in several different ways — for example, the score keeper can compel the player to explore a level, find secret areas, or make choices that grant various degrees of reward. Keep your goals in mind when designing a game, and remember that you can add multiple goals at a time.

Some games use optional goals for a more dynamic experience: By adding a score keeper or a frag counter sprite that requires 0 points or 0 frags, you can prompt players to record their scores and share them with others.

You can also do this with a timer sprite that gives the player lots of time; because all system sprites are visible during the Level Win screen, the player can see how fast the level was beaten. Certain players may then become more inclined to review your games in order to post their scores.