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How to Use Components in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

Components are the raw materials of a game on Gamestar Mechanic, such as well-placed sprites or a group of sprites that fit into the rules and goals of the level. For example, a gauntlet of pacing enemies is a good component in a navigational game, but more aggressive foes may be a better fit in a shooter game.

Whether they’re a progression of platforms, a fleet of enemies, a scattering of health packs throughout the level, or an element of your own design, components are the essential ingredients of a game — you should practice using them in order to come up with new and better ideas.

Choosing what components to use in your game can be difficult, because you have so many options. Fortunately, you can add, remove, or change components however you want, and other players have lots of components for you to incorporate and adapt to your own ideas.

Because components are the building blocks of your game, you must make sure that they fit well with the other elements of game design. Components often emerge from forming a good idea of the game’s space, rules, goals, and mechanics. However, if you think of an interesting component, you can use it to start off your game and derive other elements from there.