How to Upload a Background to Your Gamestar Mechanic Toolbox - dummies

How to Upload a Background to Your Gamestar Mechanic Toolbox

When you upload a custom background, it’s stored in the Gamestar Mechanic database, where you can access and use it at any time. To upload a custom background, you must first save the image as a file on your computer. Your Gamestar Mechanic account is permanently linked to all the image files you’ve uploaded as custom backgrounds.

After you submit an image file to Gamestar Mechanic, you can access it again at any time to use in other games. To add a new background to the list, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your game’s page and click the Settings button for the level.

  2. In the Level Settings dialog box, scroll down to the Background section.

  3. Click the Choose a Custom Background button.

    This button appears only if you’ve completed the Custom Background Challenge in your workshop.

    After your game is published, you have to wait for every custom background (that isn’t designated with a green check mark) to be approved by the administrators. Marked backgrounds have been used in, and approved for, another of your games, and you can reuse them as you like.


  4. Click the Add New Background button.

  5. Click the Choose a File to Upload button.

    A second dialog box appears that lets you access the files on your computer.

  6. Find the image file you want to use, select it, and click Open.

    The actions you take in this step depend on your computer’s operating system.

  7. Wait for the image to appear on your screen.

    This step may take some time for large files. Try changing the file type, if you need to. Your image editing software may also have an option to compress the image you’re editing into a smaller file size. When the file appears, don’t worry if it looks skewed or cramped — all you’re seeing is a screenshot, so it won’t look that way in your game.

  8. Click Upload.

After you upload the background, you can use it in any level of any game. All you have to do is follow Steps 1–3 in the preceding step list, click on the background in the Choose a Custom Background dialog box, and click Choose.

The list of custom backgrounds is sorted from oldest to newest. You can find the first backgrounds you uploaded at the top of the list, and find the most recent ones at the bottom.

Gamestar Mechanic identifies image files only in JPEG or PNG format. If you try to upload a background but Gamestar can’t find it, follow these steps:

  1. Check the file type.

    Examine the properties of the image file, and see whether it’s referred to as a PNG file, JPG file, or JPEG file. If the file format is incorrect, continue to Step 2 in order to fix it. If the format is correct but you still can’t find the file, you may be looking in the wrong folder on your computer.


  2. Open your file.

    You can open it in Paint or any other image-viewing program.

  3. Save the file again in the correct format.

    On Windows, this is File→Save As→Save As Type→PNG File (or JPG File)→Save. You now have two files of the same image, though only one should be noticed by Gamestar Mechanic.