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How to Start the Gamestar Mechanic Introductory Free Quest

After you have set up your account on Gamestar Mechanic and are familiar with the layout of the site, you’re ready to start playing games. If this is your first time playing a Gamestar Mechanic game, the Quest is a good place to start.

Following a smooth difficulty curve, quest missions are helpful for gaining practice with the controls and the general technique of playing Gamestar Mechanic games. And as you work your way through its missions, you can see how the play and design processes work.

These games, which are set to a recurring storyline, introduce you to the elements of game design. By completing these quests, you unlock new sprites and options for designing games. The introductory free quest, Addison Joins the League, is a perfect tutorial for the elements of play and design. After you’ve set up your account, follow these steps to start this quest:

  1. Go to the Quest page.

    To get to this area, click the Quest box on the lobby page, or the Quest button at the top of any page.

    The first time you load the Quest, you see the introduction scene. This type of scene is in the form of an animated graphic novel, so you can look through the scene at your own pace.

  2. Read the introduction. Advance to the next page by clicking the screen or using the buttons in the lower-left corner.

    The Quest page may take longer to load than other pages because all its content has to be loaded into a Flash player, like individual games on the site.

    You can always view the introduction again if you want.


  3. When you see the screen asking whether you want to play as the Male Addison or Female Addison, make your selection and then click Continue.

  4. Proceed through the rest of the introduction.

    When you’re finished, you see the Episode 1: Journey to Factory 7 page, listing all the story missions.

You’re now ready to start your missions.

Don’t try to rush through the Quest — it’s there to introduce you to the techniques of playing and designing. Explore the levels, analyze the sprites, and build the best games you can within the templates. In this way, you enter the Workshop and Game Alley well-experienced.