How to Save and Publish Your Gamestar Mechanic Game - dummies

How to Save and Publish Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

When you’re finished working on your Gamestar Mechanic game, you can either save it or publish it by using the Save and Publish buttons in the lower-left corner of the toolbox.


As you’re creating your game, click the Save button frequently because it saves your game in a Draft Games section of the Workshop that only you can access and edit. If you’re developing a large game, click the Save button when you need take a break from designing.

You should also save your game after making significant changes because technical problems (accidentally closing the window, crashing your web browser, and so on) can set back your hard work.

If you see a login screen when you click Save, you were inactive for too long; just log back in to save your game. Saving can take a long time, depending on how big your game is. It’s a good idea to save your game every time you put in a lot of work or make a significant change.

You can find your saved games in the My Draft Games folder of the Workshop. From there, you can use the Edit button to edit one of your games, or the Delete button to remove your save.


The Publish button saves your game to Game Alley, where others can play and review it. Usually, you click this button only after your game is complete. However, note that the Publish button has a light on the left side — this light tells you whether your game is publishable or not.

A game is publishable if the following restrictions are satisfied:

  • You have earned publishing rights for your account by completing the first quest.

  • Every level has an avatar.

  • You’ve beaten every level during testing.

  • The game has a title.

  • The game has a game intro.

  • The game has a win message.

Clicking the Publish button while the light is red tells you which levels you still have to test or which fields you still have to change.

When you publish a game, it goes in either the Pending Games folder or the My Published Games folder in your workshop, depending on whether the game has an unapproved custom background. Pending games become published if the Gamestar Mechanic administrators approve the backgrounds you used. However, whether a game is pending or published, you can still edit or delete it.

Use the Save button while editing a published or pending game to cause it to become a draft again. If the game was published, it’s removed from Game Alley. When you publish the game again, all its statistics and reviews return to the way they were when the game was unpublished.