How to Read the Gamestar Mechanic Message Box

The lower-left corner of the Gamestar Mechanic lobby contains a message box, which lists all the messages you’ve received. These messages can include notifications of new reviews and comments, news about the site, and other notes, depending on your account settings.

Unread messages appear in bold text with a yellow background. Simply click on a message to read it, and then if you want to delete the open message, click the Delete Message button.

The message box can display only six messages at a time, so you’ll need to delete messages to see the others. Here’s how to delete messages from the message box:

  • To delete a single message from the message box, click the check box to the left of the message and click the Delete Selected button.

  • To delete all the messages shown in the message box, click the check box in the upper-left corner of the message box and then click the Delete Selected button.

Check your message box for notifications about new reviews and comments so that you don’t have to check each of your games individually. The message box is especially useful for staying informed about feedback on your games.

Any message titled New Review or New Comment contains blue text that links to your game so that you can read feedback. If you have several messages titled New Review or New Comment regarding your various games, and your computer is fast enough, you can open each link in a new browser tab and read the reviews quickly.

To open a link in a new tab, right-click the link and select the option to open it in a new tab, or middle-click the link. (Press down on the scroll wheel, if your mouse allows it.)