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How to Publicize Your Games to Non-Gamestar Mechanic Players

Sharing your games with non–Gamestar Mechanic players has several advantages. Depending on the sort of communications system you use, the benefits of publicizing in this way can range from sharing with friends to attracting a large audience.

Public websites are great for discussing your game with potential players. Though Gamestar Mechanic has limited possibilities for communicating with the public, the Internet is often a good source of publicity. Here are some ways to publicize your games online:

  • Share via forums or blogs or other websites to which you can upload freely. In particular, it usually costs nothing to start a forum thread showcasing your games. (In case you want to discuss other topics, other topics, many forums contain an Off Topic section that you can use.)

  • Start a blog to support your games. A blog attracts all sorts of readers, depending on how you market it. However, this strategy requires a healthy level of media literacy, the skill of finding your way around media such as the Internet.

  • Look for supplementary online groups that might be interested in your work. You can design games for your friend’s web content or join a group that shares or discusses games. If you reach out, possibly sharing some of your best games to inspire interest, you may find yourself integrated into a rewarding resource and community.

  • Contact friends on social communities outside Gamestar Mechanic. When you contact them regarding your games, they can become well-trusted game testers who provide useful, fresh perspectives on your work.

    Some Gamestar Mechanic games can be difficult for newcomers to play and require lots of practice to master. When showing your games to people who are inexperienced with Gamestar Mechanic, especially if they aren’t familiar with sprites, make sure that they can easily understand how to play the game.

    You must explicitly define the avatar’s abilities and challenges, usually by way of sprites such as text message blocks. If you also want to tell players about the game controls, keep in mind that these controls are automatically displayed on the Pause menu and at the beginning of every level.

One of the easiest ways to share a game is offline, giving players a seat at your computer and possibly guiding them through levels when needed. However, giving people the privilege of using your account is a gamble for all but your closest friends. A safer option is to allow people (especially large groups of people) to play your games without requiring Gamestar Mechanic accounts.