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How to Participate in Gamestar Mechanic Challenges

A challenge is a special task that appears in the Challenges & Contests section of your Gamestar Mechanic workshop. Challenges are similar to Quest episodes in that they may require you to play, repair, or build games, but they aren’t part of the Gamestar Mechanic storyline. However, they still grant rewards for playing or for designing certain predesigned games and templates.

The Challenges & Contests section contains, as its name implies, both challenges and contests. Contests are made available only once and provide the opportunity to submit your games in a competition with other designers, giving valuable real-world rewards to the winners. Usually, only one or two contests are available at a time. An available contest says Enter Now! below it, whereas a challenge says Earn Rewards!.


To participate in a challenge, click on the image or the title and read the details of the mission. You can access the challenge itself by scrolling to the bottom of the page.


Just like the quests, challenges contain individual missions in which you must play, repair, or design games. By completing all the missions, you finish the challenge and reap the rewards.

Challenge Name Free? Reward Times Available
AMD Impact Yes Energy sprites, population counter, and message block; rewards
are given at the end of a mission
Autumn No Autumn-themed sprites Always
Background Yes New backgrounds, including the Brick Paths template Always
Bugging Out No Bug sprites Always
Checkpoint No Checkpoint sprite Always
Custom Background No Custom background certificate (allows the use of custom
Damage Block Yes Damage block Always
Energy Yes Energy items and energy-consuming sprites Always
Freezer No None (grants practice with freezer sprites) Always
League Hero Yes League hero Always
Level Map Yes Ability to generate level maps Always
Locked On Yes Red lock and key sprites Always
Media and You Yes Transmogrifier sprites Always
Message Block Yes Text message block sprites Always
Mystical No Mystical-themed sprites Always
Spooky Yes Halloween-themed sprites During autumn
Spring Yes Spring-themed sprites During spring
Underwater No Underwater-themed sprites Always
Wild West Yes Western-themed sprites During summer
Winter Animals Yes Winter-themed animals (avatars and enemies) During winter
Winter Holiday No Winter-themed sprites, particularly Christmas-oriented Always

Because you can complete challenges in any order, you can collect the sprites you want ahead of time and complete the other challenges as you need them. However, don’t let seasonal opportunities pass you by; if a challenge is closing soon, be sure to complete it if you can.

The Challenges & Contests section of your workshop displays incomplete available challenges first so that you can use them to determine your progress in challenge completion.