How to Navigate the Gamestar Mechanic Website - dummies

How to Navigate the Gamestar Mechanic Website

After you’ve created an account you can access the Gamestar Mechanic website. At the top of every Gamestar Mechanic web page, you see these two toolbars. These toolbars let you navigate the major sections of the website.


Exploring the header toolbar

Here’s a description of the different buttons on the header toolbar and where they take you:

  • Gamestar Mechanic: Takes you to the lobby or, if you aren’t logged in, to the home page.

  • Quest: Takes you to the Quest, where you can play games that nurture your design ability. You must complete the first free quest before you can publish your games. By completing missions in each quest, you unlock new sprites to use in your games. Quests can be replayed at any time, but if it’s your first time playing, you have to complete most of the content in order.

  • Workshop: Leads you to the Workshop, where you can see your achievements, games, and challenges. You can personalize this page, because it contains your Mechanic Bio, Showcase Game, and Favorite Games. The Workshop is also the gateway to the toolbox, where you design your own games.

  • Game Alley: Takes you to Game Alley, where you play and review other people’s games. This is the Gamestar Mechanic arcade, which continually updates as you or others add games to it.

  • Store: Directs you to the Gamestar Mechanic store. You may not want to visit this page unless you have some experience with the site and you’re relatively sure that you want to spend money on it. The store includes all the extra content you can buy.

  • Log Out: Closes your current session on Gamestar Mechanic and returns you to the Log In page. This button is useful if you’re sharing a computer with another Gamestar Mechanic user. By logging out when you’re done playing or designing, the other user will have to log in with his information to start a new session — and you can both be sure you’re working in the right account.

  • Parents: Provides a wealth of information for the parents of Gamestar Mechanic users, including how the program is educational and why it’s safe.

  • Help: Opens the Help page, where you can try to solve any problems you have. The text at the top of the page contains a link to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. If you can’t find the answer to your problem, or it’s too big for you to solve by yourself, clearly state the issue in the large Problem text box and click the orange Submit Report button.

Examining the footer toolbar

In addition to the header toolbar, there is a toolbar at the bottom of each page. This toolbar contains additional links to areas of the site, as described in the following list:

  • Manage Account: Lets you control the features of your account. Clicking this button takes you to the Manage Your Account page where you can modify your account in a variety of ways, delete your account, change how messages are sent to you, and link to the store. The Edit My Account Settings button on this page reveals a number of features.

  • FAQ: Takes you to Gamestar Mechanic’s Frequently Asked Questions. You see a number of questions about the site (preceded by Q:), followed by the answers (preceded by A:). Click the buttons labeled FAQ Topics, or click the Previous and Next buttons at the end of the FAQ list, to see questions about different topics. This section helps you solve any problems you might have by explaining commonly occurring issues.

  • Parents: Shows information for parents about the learning value and safety of the site.

  • Teachers: Directs you to the Teachers’ section, which looks substantially different from the rest of the site. This section is for teachers who want to teach by way of Gamestar Mechanic, containing information, sample games, and a store for educational resources. You may return to the main site via the buttons in the upper-right corner.

  • Credits: Lists the people who designed the Gamestar Mechanic site and software.

  • Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Rules of Conduct: Lead you to documents about etiquette and the proper use of the Gamestar Mechanic program. It’s a good idea to read these documents yourself and pass them on to an adult if you’re under 18.