How to Manage Your Gamestar Mechanic Account Settings - dummies

How to Manage Your Gamestar Mechanic Account Settings

If you click the Manage Account link in the footer toolbar of the Gamestar Mechanic website, the Manage Your Account page appears. Next, click the Edit My Account Settings link to go to the Manage Account/Settings page, where you can modify your account in a variety of different ways.

The options provided are as follows:

  • Account Information: This section shows your username and the e-mail address associated with it. To change your e-mail address, type it in both text boxes and click the Save button.

  • Change Password: This section allows you to change the password you use to enter the site. To do so, enter your current password in the top text box, and the new one you want in the other two text boxes. Then click the Save button.

  • Social Media and Networks: This section contains check boxes representing various forms of social media. When a check box for a social network is activated, the Share function allows you to share games over that network. You may see check boxes corresponding to Facebook, Twitter, Edmodo, and others, depending on your e-mail’s associations.

  • User Generated Content: This option allows you to decide whether you want to use custom content on the site. At the time of this writing, this option doesn’t seem to have an effect.

  • Mozilla Persona Integration: In this section, you can enter your Mozilla Persona Email to link it to your Gamestar Mechanic account, enabling you to easily share your World Badges.

  • Security Code: This section contains the Change Security Code Answers button. Clicking this button allows you to retake the survey you completed when you created your account. If your favorite subject, animal, color, or activity changes, you should change your Security Code accordingly.