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How to Join a Gamestar Mechanic Class as a Student

If you’re offered membership in a Gamestar Mechanic class, a class teacher will provide you with a link to join the class. Joining a Gamestar Mechanic class is always free to the student, unless the teacher requests payment for his service. Here’s an overview of the different types of invitations and how to join and participate in a class.

Receiving an invitation

You can be invited to join a class by receiving one of these three types of invitations:

  • Free: When you receive an invitation, you also get a link like this one:<class shortname>/free

    The italicized content is replaced by the shorthand name of the class. By following the link, you send a request to simply add your account to the class.

  • Premium: This type is similar to the free invitation, except that the link is<class shortname>/premium

    A teacher can offer a limited number of Premium packs. If you receive an invitation to a premium class and join it, you receive the entire Addison’s Complete Quest package, containing two quests and more than 130 missions, for free — essentially, your teacher is paying for you to have the full Gamestar Mechanic experience.

  • Teacher: You receive this type of invitation if you’re asked to teach the class. The link for this activation is

    Rather than let you request permission to join the class, the teacher activation link relies on a code that appears at the end of the address. Do not share this code with anyone until you activate your Teacher account.

Accepting an invitation

Class teachers can give you the option to join a class by providing you with the necessary link. Some teachers publicly advertise their classes and allow you to request the link, whereas others send exclusive invitations. To join a class, you must satisfy these requirements:

  • Have a Gamestar Mechanic account: If you try to join a class without being logged in to your account, the site prompts you to either log in or register a new account.

  • Have permission from a class enroller: After you follow the link provided by the teacher and complete the necessary steps to join the class, the teacher has to approve your request — not just anyone can join a class. Be sure that the class leaders know who you are when you attempt to join.

  • The restrictions of the class: Sometimes, you must meet certain qualifications for joining a class. For example, you may have to enroll in an associated class outside Gamestar Mechanic, pay a fee, or have a basic understanding of the principles of game design. Be sure to check the class requirements so that you know whether the class is the right one for you.

When you’re invited to a class, you receive a link that takes you to a page like this one. On that page, verify the class you’re joining and the username you’re using to join. If all the information is correct, click the Join button to request permission to add your account to the class.