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How to Interpret a Game’s Rating and Stats in the Gamestar Mechanic’s Game Alley

To find a fun game on Gamestar Mechanic with a difficulty level that’s right for you, examine the game’s rating and statistics. You generally want to look for games with a large number of stars — you can also check the number of wins to see if the game is particularly easy or hard.

If you’re a beginner, try finding games with almost as many wins as plays. You can also look for games with a difficulty rating of 3 or less, though this rating is sometimes misleading.


This game has been played 822 times by 429 users, and 333 of those plays ended in victory. The game received 69 reviews averaging four and a half stars, and was generally referred to as a game of medium difficulty. Here are some ways you can interpret this game’s statistics to determine whether it’s a good challenge for you:

  • It’s a well-received game. Four and a half stars is a good rating, often indicating clever gameplay and well-balanced components. This game has 69 reviews, which is more than enough to provide a trustworthy verdict. Games with at least a few reviews generally produce meaningful star ratings.

  • It’s a moderately difficult game. Because this game had 822 plays and 333 wins, every attempt at playing it had about a 40 percent chance of being successful. Also, because the game has a difficulty rating of 3 gears out of 5, it’s probably a moderate challenge. You could win or lose. Whether or not you’re successful at playing a particular game, you can always learn from the experience.

  • Most players tried the game more than once. A total of 429 players attempted the game 822 times, so the average player made about 2 attempts at the game. Examining these two numbers is useful for understanding how most players play this game.