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How to Gain Followers in Gamestar Mechanic

If a number of people regularly play any new games that you publish in Gamestar Mechanic, your games will become much more reliably popular. To develop this player base, you must convince players that checking out your newest games is generally worth their time. You can do this either on the Gamestar Mechanic site itself or outside of it.

One of the most direct ways to gain a viewer base is by attracting followers. If Gamestar Mechanic users are so inclined, they may decide to follow you (receive notifications about your activity on the site), which updates them, in their news feeds, on your recent work. This action indicates that they’re interested in being a part of your regular audience.

To gain followers, follow these tips:

  • Build a positive persona. Followers tend to follow those who have consistently good reputations. If you leave poor reviews or publish games that aren’t worthwhile (such as games made only to draw attention to yourself), other players may not want to be updated about you. As long as you act pleasantly and monitor the quality of your public content, you should have no problem operating at your full potential.

  • Think about your effect on a user’s news feed. Consider your potential followers’ perspectives. You want these people to follow you so that their news feeds are updated on your activities, including any new games you’ve published. Then after you’ve gained a group of followers, you need to think about how to keep them.

    Avoid cluttering your followers’ news feeds by leaving lots of unnecessary comments and recommendations or republishing the same game too many times. The best way to maintain your followers is simply to avoid potentially irritating behavior.

  • Publish games that stand out. You don’t have to be an outstanding game designer to earn followers, but you do need to be a unique one. You can try making games that use your own, unique concepts, style, and flair and attracting those who recognize the added fun in nuance.

    If you’re not yet experienced enough to make an exceptionally original game, you can always set your work apart in other ways. For example, a little detail and balance can create a great experience — a well-designed game is unique in its own regard.

If you use a custom background in your game, your followers may see the game in their news feeds before it’s released (because the backgrounds have to be manually approved before the game can be made public, and the administrators check your backgrounds only after you publish).

Thus, after your game is published, look for ways to edit and republish the game so that it returns to your followers’ news feeds as a finished product. Just don’t spam your followers with too much news; otherwise, they may unfollow you.