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How to Create Obstacles for a MicroWorld EX Navigation Game

By Camille McCue

If you are creating a MicroWorld EX navigation game, you’ll want some obstacles to navigate around. For this example, the game is set in space and the obstacles are asteroids. Asteroid clusters are the obstacles through which the player’s UFO must navigate. Crash into an asteroid cluster and the mission is done! In this example, asteroid clusters appear to be moving west.

Create six asteroid cluster characters for your game as follows:

  1. On the toolbar, click the Create a Turtle button. Move into the workspace and click to hatch a turtle.


  2. Repeat Step 1 to create a total of six turtles for the asteroid clusters.

  3. Drag the six turtles so that three are lined up across the top of the workspace and three are lined up across the bottom of the workspace


    Note that the background has been made mostly transparent so that you can see the turtles more easily. The turtles should not be perfectly lined up — variation in position makes the game more interesting.

  4. Next, name the turtles that will be your asteroid clusters. For each turtle, right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) the turtle and select Open Backpack. On the backpack State tab, click the Edit button. In the dialog box that appears, type the name for each turtle:

    • topcol1, topcol2, and topcol3 for the turtles that are the top columns

    • botcol1, botcol2, and botcol3 for the turtles that are the bottom columns

    Click OK to close the Name dialog box for each turtle.

    Although it’s not required to name every turtle (object) or element in a project, it is easier to write and troubleshoot code with named objects. Give your objects simple, clear names, and give objects that are part of a group the same name followed by a number. Also, keep in mind that a turtle has a name, but the shape it wears has a different name.

  5. Set the heading of all asteroid column turtles so that they move west. To do so, type 270 in the Heading field of each backpack State tab.

  6. If you want, adjust the size of the asteroid in the Size field on the State tab of each turtle backpack.

    The default value in the Size field is 40. Making turtles slightly larger or smaller will make the asteroid field look more varied and realistic.

  7. When finished, close each asteroid column turtle backpack by clicking its X button.