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How to Build a Platformer Shooter Game on Gamestar Mechanic

A popular and adventurous genre on Gamestar Mechanic, the platformer-shooter is a type of game in which the avatar jumps and frags opponents. This game type is interesting because it can simulate intense battles with simple arrangements of sprites.


Here are some ways to incorporate the elements of game design to build an effective platformer-shooter game:

  • Space: A platformer-shooter game generally requires some flat sections where enemies can maneuver more easily. You can simply have a single route through which the player advances, fragging enemies along the way. But you may also want to add intricate buildings and tactical landscapes to put some useful innovation into each space.

    Consider both your avatar and its enemies in your design so that all the sprites are well-suited for the environment.

  • Rules: The universal rules of the platformer-shooter game include gravity, fragging, and projectile collisions. Though these concepts are fairly simple, they should define the components and mechanics of your game. Other rules, such as timers, can help. A particularly interesting one is the population counter: If this rule is used well, you can add a new element of difficulty by limiting the fragging of certain enemies.

  • Goals: A platformer-shooter game can have many different goal combinations. Points and goal blocks lead the player through the level, and frag counters and population counters add more focus on the shooter concept. A frag counter can make for a fun, simple game, and removing the frag counter can give the player a choice: Rush through the level or defeat all the enemies.

  • Components: Adding components in a platformer-shooter game is, in many ways, much easier than in other games. All you have to do to implement challenge is to place enemies — or groups of enemies — in strategic places throughout the level, editing their attributes to produce a balanced difficulty level. You can add components such as items and block-based obstacles for more uniqueness.

    Keep enemies in certain places to spread them throughout the level without clumping them or leaving sections empty. You can keep enemies in place by either making them stationary or having them patrol over a selected area.

  • Mechanics: The avatar can jump and shoot, so the core mechanics of this game are defined by your arrangement of platforms and enemies. Set up your level to inspire particular actions from the player. For example, if you have an enemy walk back and forth along an isolated platform, the player must jump around to avoid it while shooting the enemy whenever possible.

    Sprites such as bosses, enemy generators, and phoenix blocks can inspire interesting mechanics, especially for a platformer-shooter game.