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How to Balance Attributes in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

The concept of balance of attributes is important for both gameplay and aesthetics in Gamestar Mechanic. It refers to avoiding the use of extremes that might corrupt the cleanliness of your design. By setting the attributes of your sprites and levels to appropriate values, you can make a game feel realistic to its context.

Balance of attributes often comes in handy for the following types of settings:

  • Avatar: If your avatar is too fast, too slow, or has too much health, the game might seem a bit off. Usually a moderate avatar speed is best, and you can always change the health of your avatar to fine-tune the difficulty of your game.

  • Enemy: You don’t have to make the strongest enemy in the game, or the weakest possible enemy in the game, to convey different levels of difficulty. Balance enemy statistics so that enemies move the way you want them to move.

  • Parallax: Try out different parallax values to change the feel of your game’s visual elements.

  • Gravity: The default value for gravity is 1, which allows the avatar to jump extremely high — however, this ability is rarely appropriate. An avatar that hangs in the air too long makes the dynamic of the game unbalanced. Usually, you should make the avatar jump a few blocks at a time and design the level around that ability.