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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Gamestar Mechanic Games

When you draw inspiration from other users’ games in Gamestar Mechanic, make sure you don’t plagiarize their content. Plagiarism is a serious offense that you should always avoid. Normally, people can commit plagiarism on Gamestar Mechanic only when they actively try to copy someone else’s game exactly.

However, when you start using custom backgrounds, plagiarizing someone else’s work becomes much easier. That’s why you should know what plagiarism is and how to avoid it, in order to avoid breaking the site’s rules of conduct.

If you re-create a design mechanic from a game outside of Gamestar Mechanic, it’s generally acceptable. Because Gamestar Mechanic is a unique engine, your adaptation of a game such as Super Mario or Final Fantasy would be considered a result of inspiration, rather than stealing. For example, many users like to re-create classic video games, pandering to players’ nostalgia. However, plagiarizing another Gamestar Mechanic user’s idea is a different story.

Using a well-known mechanic is fine, because some concepts are too commonly used for a single person to claim them. For example, you might place small challenges in all four corners of a room and place a goal in the center. Even if you’ve seen someone else use this arrangement, you can also apply this mechanic, because it’s too simple and well-known for anyone to claim ownership.

If you use a more complex or precise mechanic, especially if you copy large numbers of sprites with minimal original changes, this action can be regarded as plagiarism.

Follow this rule of thumb: You can draw inspiration from other users’ games, but don’t use another game as a template for your own without citing your source.