How to Add an Event to an Object in GameMaker

By Michael Rohde

There are many Events you can use within GameMaker: Studio. If you think of Objects, Events, and Actions in terms of English grammar, then the Objects are the subjects, the Events are the object (so to speak), and the Actions are the verbs.

In that sense, the Objects are the things in the game (such as the player’s plane), the Events are what is acted upon (such as creating the plane), and the Actions make the magic happen (such as making the plane fly).

There are 12 different Events that you can use in GameMaker, as shown in the figure below.

To add an Event to a new Object, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, choose Resources→Create Object.

    The Object Properties window appears.

  2. Click the Add Event button, shown in the figure.

    The Events menu appears.

    GameMaker Events.

    GameMaker Events.
  3. Select the Event that you want to use.

    The name of the Event you chose appears in the Events section of the Object Properties window.

    To open the Events menu, click Add Event.

    To open the Events menu, click Add Event.

By the way, after you add an Event to the Object, you need to assign Actions to that Event.