How Do System Sprites Function in a Gamestar Mechanic Game?

Look at the level in this Gamestar Mechanic game. Despite being a big level with lots of room to explore, it contains only three system sprites, as well as a goal block in the final dungeon.


The use of the system sprites along the top are described in the following list:

  • Health meter: This sprite lets you see the level of your health. In this level, you have to conserve your health, so the meter helps you keep track of it. You start the game with 5 hit points. Many users place the health meter close to the left side of the screen because system sprites are added from left to right.

  • Score keeper: This sprite tracks the number of points you’ve collected. When the bottom number is 0, the objective is always complete. In this case, collecting points is therefore an optional objective: You can ignore them, if you want, or accept the personal challenge of collecting as many points as possible.

  • Population counter: This sprite indicates the number of enemies of a certain type in the level. When the bottom number is 0, the player’s goal is to frag all such enemies in the level. The counter shows that the level has one sprite matching the given picture. If you want to unlock the goal, you have to frag this enemy.