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Gamestar Mechanic Premium Content Options

With a free Gamestar Mechanic account, you have a wealth of features at your disposal; you have access to the Addison Joins the League quest, and you can make and publish as many games as you want while interacting with the Gamestar Mechanic community. But after you become more experienced with the site, you may discover that you need new challenges.

For experienced players, purchasing premium content is often a good choice because it provides plenty of useful new sprites, as well as features such as custom backgrounds.

Looking at your premium options

The Gamestar Mechanic store offers the following premium content:

  • Addison’s Complete Quest: Upgrading your account to this premium pack — for a flat fee of $20 — gives you unlimited access to these features:

    • Two new quests: These quests begin a new story arc to help you master advanced concepts in game design.

    • More than 100 missions: The new quests contain a wealth of games designed by the Gamestar Mechanic administrators.

    • More than 20 backgrounds: You also unlock as many as 21 new backgrounds from Quest missions to use in your games.

    • Custom backgrounds: A new challenge is unlocked in your workshop, letting you design your own backgrounds for your games.

    • More than 100 sprites: You can unlock as many as 104 new sprites as you progress through the quest. You can also access the Locked On Challenge, which grants you two bonus sprites from the gateway pack. Even if you already have some of these sprites, you can always find useful new ones, such as the Naviron knight and the Karakuri phoenix.

    • Two soundtracks: You can unlock two new, instrumental soundtracks: the airy Altair jig and the darker Acheron beat.

  • Sprite packs: If you’re looking for a less-expensive option, you can purchase individual sprite packs, which give you access to groups of premium sprites beyond the ones found in Addison’s Complete Quest. They range in cost from $1.99 to $2.99. The Mystical sprite pack, for example, contains 11 sprites representing the medieval and mythical, as well as the Naviron informer and health pack from Addison’s Complete Quest.


Deciding whether to purchase premium content

Here are a few points to keep in mind as you consider whether it would be worth your while to purchase premium packs:

  • To get a feel for how a Premium account might translate to game design, play some games that were designed by Premium account holders. Then you can evaluate what other users are doing with their Premium accounts. In Game Alley, you can find a lot of games created by users with Premium accounts. You’ll recognize the games because of their unique sprites and backgrounds.

    By playing interesting premium games from experienced users, you can see what sprites and opportunities the premium content offers you.

  • Fully explore what you can do with the sprites in the free version of Gamestar Mechanic. If you find a major obstacle in your design process (for example, there are no health packs or checkpoints available in the free version, so you can’t make levels too long and challenging), see whether some games in Game Alley feature sprites that clear this obstacle.

    If you aren’t sure whether you want to purchase premium content, use the free version as much as you can — when you reach the limits of your creativity, you can become inspired to try out the premium sprites.

  • Plan out how you might use premium features to design a game. The best way to decide whether you would benefit from a Premium account is to find lots of ways in which you want to use it. You can practice applying premium content by designing games for contests. Some contests give you access to premium-level sprites even if you haven’t purchased premium packs.