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GameMaker: Studio and Choosing Your Game Genre

By Michael Rohde

Some of the best games you can make with GameMaker: Studio are platformers (games in which the player controls a character and moves it about the screen, jumping from one place to another, gathering coins, finding loot, avoiding bad guys, and so on). Nintendo’s Mario games are excellent examples of the platform genre.

Other genres you will want to think about include action, shooter, role-playing, simulation, and strategy games. Many types of these games can be made with GameMaker: Studio.

Roguelike games also work well with GameMaker: Studio. Defining a roguelike game is not easy — like many things, the definition depends on who you ask. But at a basic level, a roguelike game is one in which

  • There is random level generation.

  • There is permadeath. You don’t start with a set number of lives. There are no save points — when you die, you start over from the beginning.

  • It’s turn-based, allowing the player to think carefully between each move.

  • The levels typically represent a dungeon, or a room with corridors, halls, and different rooms in which the player encounters bad guys, loot, and perhaps non-playable characters.

Check out the YoYo Games Showcase at YoYo’s Games Showcase to see examples of many different games that you can make and play with GameMaker: Studio.