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PHP & MySQL Web Development AIO For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From PHP and MySQL Web Development All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

By Janet Valade, Tricia Ballad, Bill Ballad

Using PHP and MySQL to develop your Web site and/or database gives you lots of tools and lots of options, but you have to become familiar with how each program operates so that you can properly format queries, WHERE clauses, ALTER queries, and PHP statements. You need to get to know PHP and MySQL functions and the special characters that allow you to go where you want and do what you want quickly and easily.

MySQL Queries

If you’re going to develop Web pages with PHP and MySQL, you’re going to have to write MySQL queries. The following list shows the MySQL query names to help make your web development easier than you thought it could be!


WHERE Clause Format for PHP and MySQL Web Development

You’re developing Web pages using PHP & MySQL, and because you’re developing Web pages and/or databases, you need to write WHERE clauses so that you can sort through data. The following list shows the PHP and MySQL format for various comparisons:


Changes for the ALTER Query in PHP and MySQL Web Development

Using PHP and MySQL in developing your Web site and/or database means you often get do things the easy way, and the following list shows you just how easily you can change things (meaning add, alter, drop, modify, and rename.)


PHP and MySQL Functions

Doing Web development with PHP and MySQL, you need to use MySQL functions to run your subroutines, whether you’re writing a connect routine or a query. The following list shows the format for these functions.


PHP Statements to Use for Web Development with PHP and MySQL

You’ll use PHP statements when developing Web sites and databases with PHP and MySQL. The following list lays out the key PHP statements and the necessary format:


Special Characters Used in Patterns in PHP and MySQL Web Development

To search for patterns in Web sites and databases developed using PHP & MySQL, you use a list of special characters. You don’t have to channel Daffy Duck (although he is a very special character), but the more mundane symbols listed in the following table: