How to Transform Your Sprites in Scratch - dummies

How to Transform Your Sprites in Scratch

By Derek Breen

By transform, you aren’t going to turn people sprites into robots. On the Paint canvas, you can use the Select tool to rotate and resize sprites. For this example, you will resize and rotate a fortune cookie.

  1. Select the sprite you want to transform and click the Costumes tab.

  2. Click the Select tool.

  3. Click and drag across the image on the Paint canvas.

  4. Hold the Shift key while clicking and dragging a corner to evenly resize the selected image. (Here, decreasing the size a bit.)

  5. Click and drag left or right on the top handle (small circle) to rotate the selection.

  6. Click another tool or click directly on the Stage to see the changes applied to your composition.


When working with bitmap graphics, you should avoid increasing the size because the more you scale up, the lower the image quality will be, due to pixelation.