How to Start a Basic Collage Project in Scratch - dummies

How to Start a Basic Collage Project in Scratch

By Derek Breen

Before you create your Scratch collage project, choose a theme or central idea that you wish to convey with your unique blend of images (unless your teacher already has chosen one for you in the form of HOMEWORK!). For this example, the theme will be universal: friendship.

Create a new project

  1. Go to the Scratch website or open the Scratch 2 Offline Editor.

  2. If you are online, click Create. If offline, select File→New.

  3. Name your project. (Online, just select the title and type Digital Collage; offline, select File→Save As and type Digital Collage.)

  4. Delete the cat by selecting the Scissors and clicking the cat or by right-clicking the cat and choosing Delete. (Come on, you don’twant that annoying cat to be part of your COLLAGE, do you!?)

Choose sprites

You will start by whipping up a quick collage using images contained in the Sprite Library.

  1. Click Choose Sprite from Library.

  2. Click People, so you only see human beings, and then Bitmap, so you can use the bitmap painting tools. (You will be using vector tools a bit later.)

  3. Double-click any sprite you want. (This example uses Cassy Dance.)

  4. Select several more people the same way. (Amon, Jodi, and Breakdancer2 already look like they could be friends.)


Browsing for images can be one of the really fun parts of designing a collage. BUT, browsing for images also can swallow HUGE chunks of time. Limit your image searches to 10 or 15 minutes at first, start your collage, and then go back to browsing after you have a better idea of how images might go together.