How to Share Sprites Between Scratch Projects - dummies

How to Share Sprites Between Scratch Projects

By Derek Breen

What if you want to bring in characters from more than one Scratch project or start with a blank project, work on your backdrops, and then bring characters in later? Whether working online or offline, Scratch allows you to export sprites, individual costumes, and backdrops from one project and then import them into another project.

Shift-click a sprite, costume, or backdrop and select Save to Local File.


Use the Upload Sprite from File or Upload Costume from File button to load your character into a new project.

If you are working online and do not have permission to save files to your computer, fear not! You can use the Scratch Backpack (at the bottom of your Scripts/Costumes/Sounds page when working online).


You can drag sprites, backdrops, costumes, scripts, and sounds into and out of your Backpack. To date, the offline version of Scratch does not include a Backpack.