How to Modify Sprites from the Scratch Library - dummies

How to Modify Sprites from the Scratch Library

By Derek Breen

The Scratch development team has created a huge variety of sprites to work with. They don’t provide any super­heroes, but you can modify the graphics any way you choose. Your first task is selecting a person from the built‐in Sprite Library and giving the character a super‐heroic makeover!

Create a new project

If you have not used Scratch before, create an online account or install Scratch for offline use.

  1. Go to Scratch’s website or open the Scratch 2 Offline Editor.

  2. If you are online, click Create. If offline, select File→New.

  3. Name your project. (Online, type Comics into the Untitled text box. Offline, select File→Save As and type Comics.)

  4. Delete that Scratch cat by selecting the Scissors and clicking the Cat sprite on the Stage.

Choose a character

Your first disguise is an ordinary looking person from the Sprite Library.

  1. Click the Choose Sprite from Library icon (beneath the Stage).

    The different categories, themes, and image types running down the left side of the Sprite Library act as filters to reduce the number of sprites you see.

  2. Click People so that you only see humans.

  3. Click Bitmap to show only bitmap graphics (more about that later).

  4. Use the scroll bar on the right side to review all the sprites available.

  5. Select the sprite you want to start with and then click OK.


  6. Shift‐click the sprite and choose Info.

  7. Change the name to your superhero’s new name. For this example, call her Catalina.


  8. Click the Back button (white triangle on blue circle) to close the Info window.

Before starting to design your hero’s new costume, it might be a good idea to pick a backdrop. You wouldn’t want your hero blending into the setting (unless invisibility is one of his or her superpowers).

Choose a cool backdrop

The backdrop for your superhero should be an urban setting, somewhere outdoors, and something dramatic.

  1. Click the Choose Backdrop from Library icon.


  2. Under Category, click Outdoors (to limit the choices to outside scenes) and then select a scene you like.