How to Create a PHP Class - dummies

By Steve Suehring, Janet Valade

The heart of the object-oriented programming is the class. The example shown here creates a Page class, which is part of a larger templating system built in the book. The full Page class includes various methods and properties that are used to build each page.

For this exercise, you’ll create the beginnings of the class containing a few of the properties that are required in order to make an HTML web page.

Follow these steps for this exercise:

  1. Open your text editor and create a new empty file.


  2. Place the following PHP code in the file:

    class Page
        public $type = "default";
        public $title = "My Web Site";
        public $titleExtra = ";
    }   //end Page class
  3. Save the file as classPage.php in your document root.


    With the Page class created, it can be instantiated. Because the three properties are public, they can be accessed and changed from the instantiating program. PHP can also create protected and private properties, each with their own set of access and modification rules.

This exercise showed how simple it is to create a class in PHP. The next step for the Page class is to add methods and additional properties as needed in order to create a full-fledged template system in PHP.