How to Add Vector Graphics to a Scratch Project - dummies

How to Add Vector Graphics to a Scratch Project

By Derek Breen

Bitmap sprites in Scratch and vector sprites handle text very differently. In Vector mode, you have much more control. You can resize text at any time, edit your text whenever you want, and increase the text size without it ever becoming pixelated or blurry.

To add a paper fortune about friendship to a fortune cookie, you can save time by typing your fortune message first and then drawing the paper rectangle behind it (rather than trying to guess how big you will need the fortune paper to be).

  1. Click the Paint New Sprite icon.

  2. Click the Convert to Vector button in the Paint Editor.

  3. Click the Text tool, select a font (Donegal  ), and choose a dark color swatch (black).

  4. Click near the left edge of the Paint canvas and type your fortune.

  5. If you need to resize your text, click the Select tool, hold the Shift key (to resize evenly), and then click and drag any corner.

  6. Click the Rectangle tool, choose the Solid option, and select the white color swatch.

  7. Click, drag, and release with the left mouse or trackpad button to draw the fortune paper right over the text message.

  8. Click the Back a Layer button to send the paper behind the text message.

  9. On the Stage, click and drag the cookie to the left side of the message (so it appears to be coming out of the cookie).

If you have trouble getting the text into exactly the right spot on the paper and next to the fortune cookie, a great solution is to click the text with the Select tool on the Paint canvas, look at the cookie and text on the Stage, and click the arrow keys to nudge your text just one pixel (a tiny bit) at a time until it is in exactly the right place.


Make your Stage full screen again and see how your collage looks. Adding a vector graphic can make the bitmap graphics look pretty bad, especially when you zoom to full screen.