How to Add a Description Box in Scratch - dummies

How to Add a Description Box in Scratch

By Derek Breen

Description is one of the three primary uses of text in comics. When creating a comic in Scratch, start with brief description. You might prefer to create a new sprite for each text area so that you can move the sprite separately from your characters and backdrops.

  1. Click the Paint New Sprite icon.

  2. Click the Costumes tab (or go to the Paint Editor canvas).

  3. Click the Rectangle tool.

  4. Choose the Solid option.

  5. Select a yellow color swatch (or another color that will contrast the background behind where you place your description box).

  6. Zoom to 100% so you can draw a rectangle nearly as wide as the stage. You will trim it later.

  7. Click where you want the rectangle to begin.

  8. Drag your cursor to where you want the rectangle to end and then release the mouse or trackpad button.

  9. Click and drag the rectangle into position on the Stage.


Like the Ellipse tool, you can resize and position your rectangle until it has been deselected (by clicking another tool or clicking outside the rectangle). You can also draw perfect squares by holding the Shift key on your keyboard.

Make the box larger than you think you’ll need, because you are not sure how much text you will have yet, and it’s easier to cut off the extra part of the rectangle than to add more after text has been put into place.