Your SketchUp Model’s Edges - dummies

Your SketchUp Model’s Edges

By Aidan Chopra

In SketchUp, everything is made up of one of two kinds of elements: edges or faces. They’re the basic building blocks of every model you’ll ever make. Edges are lines. You can use lots of tools to draw them, erase them, move them, hide them, and even stretch them. Here are some things you ought to know about SketchUp edges:

1Edges are always straight.

Not only is everything in your SketchUp model made up of edges, but all those edges are also perfectly straight. Even arcs and circles are made of small straight-line segments.

2Edges don’t have a thickness.

This one’s a little tricky to get your head around. You never have to worry about how thick the edges in your model are because that’s just not how SketchUp works. Depending on how you choose to display your model, your edges may look like they have different thicknesses, but your edges themselves don’t have a built-in thickness.

3Just because you can’t see the edges doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Edges can be hidden so that you can’t see them; doing so is a popular way to make certain forms. On the left is a model that looks rounded. On the right, the hidden edges are visible as dashed lines — see how even surfaces that look smoothly curved are made of straight edges?