Tips for Modeling Multilevel Buildings in SketchUp - dummies

Tips for Modeling Multilevel Buildings in SketchUp

By Aidan Chopra, Rebecca Huehls

When you are learning to model multilevel buildings in SketchUp, you can build up as high as you like. As you proceed, the following tidbits may be helpful:

  • Hide things to get a clearer view for your current task. When you context-click any entity and choose Hide, it’s often easier see what you’re doing. This is particularly true of groups, which is why you to go to so much trouble to create those groups. To see stuff that’s hidden, choose View → Hidden Geometry. To unhide something that’s hidden, context-click and choose Unhide.
  • Better yet, use the Outliner. You can make your SketchUp life easier by using certain tools to work more efficiently. If you’re up for it, skip ahead and read the stuff about the Outliner. It’s hyper-relevant to staying organized and seeing what’s where as you create a multilevel building.
  • There’s gold in Model Info. Choose Window → Model Info and then click the Components option on the left. Next to the Fade Rest of Model slider, you can select a Hide check box. With this check box selected, everything outside the group you’re currently editing becomes hidden. Smart modelers (such as yourself) make liberal use of this gem when cutting doors and windows in interior walls.