SketchUp’s Status Bar - dummies

By Aidan Chopra

The SketchUp status bar contains contextual information you use while you model. The narrow strip of information below the modeling window is packed with information goodness:

  • Context-specific instructions: Most of the time, you check here to see what options may be available for whatever you’re doing. Modifier keys (keyboard strokes that you use in combination with certain tools to perform additional functions), step-by-step instructions, and general information about what you’re doing all show up in one place: right here.

  • The Measurements box: The Measurements box is where numbers show up. Basically, the Measurements box enables you to model precisely.

  • Status indicator icons: These four little icons appear in the lower-left corner of your screen. They change to tell you things about your model, and you can click them to find out what they do. The most important one to note (this early in your SketchUp tutelage) is the one that looks like a question mark.

    When you click this icon, it opens the Instructor dialog box, which contains information about the tool you’re currently using.