SketchUp’s Menu Bar - dummies

By Aidan Chopra

SketchUp’s menus are a pretty straightforward affair; you won’t find anything surprising like “Launch Rocket” in any of them, unfortunately. All the same, here are the menus:

  • File: Includes options for creating, opening, and saving SketchUp files. The File menu is also where to go if you want to import or export a file, or make a printout of your model view.

  • Edit: Has all the commands that affect the bits of your model that are selected.

  • View: This one’s a little tricky. You’d think it’d contain all the options for flying around in 3D space, but it doesn’t — that stuff’s on the Camera menu. Instead, the View menu includes all the controls you use to affect the appearance of your model itself: what’s visible, how faces look, and so on. View also contains settings for turning on and off certain elements of SketchUp’s user interface.

  • Camera: Contains controls for viewing your model from different angles. In SketchUp, your “camera” is your point of view, literally.

  • Draw: Includes tools for drawing edges and faces in your modeling window.

  • Tools: Most of SketchUp’s tools are contained here, except of course for the drawing tools.

  • Window: If you’re ever wondering where to find a dialog box, you can open nearly all of them from this menu.

  • Plugins: You can get extra tools for SketchUp — little programs that “plug in” to it and add functionality. Some of them show up here after they’re installed. Note that the Plugins menu only appears if you’ve installed at least one plugin that requires it.

  • Help: When you’re stuck, and this book isn’t helping (heaven forbid), check out the Help menu; it’s the gateway to SketchUp salvation.