SketchUp’s Component Options Dialog Box - dummies

SketchUp’s Component Options Dialog Box

By Aidan Chopra

SketchUp 7 added the Component Options dialog box, which is on the Window menu. You can configure dynamic components (DCs) that have been hooked up to this dialog box by choosing options from drop-down lists, typing dimensions, and performing other simple tasks. When you change a setting in Component Options, the DC you’ve selected updates to reflect the change, kind of like modeling by remote control.

The Component Options dialog box looks different for every DC.

The first image shows the Component Options dialog box for a simple, straight staircase. It is set up so you can choose a riser height and a tread depth from preprogrammed lists. The dialog box also displays the total height (rise), total length (run), and number of steps in the staircase as it currently appears.


The second image shows the Component Options for a circular-stair DC. To provide you with a lot of configuration options, it looks a lot different. The dialog box lets you enter a size, structure type, and other information and then redraws the staircase based on your specifications.