SketchUp's Adjacent Faces Method of Adding Texture to Curves - dummies

SketchUp’s Adjacent Faces Method of Adding Texture to Curves

By Aidan Chopra

If you need to paint an image onto a surface in SketchUp that curves only in a single direction (such as a cylinder), you can use this technique. Follow these steps to find out how and take a look at the figure, which shows the process in action:

  1. Choose View→Hidden Geometry to turn on Hidden Geometry so you can see the individual faces in your model.

  2. “Load” your cursor with an imported image.


  3. Paint the leftmost sub-face entirely with the image.

    Your curved surface is composed of sub-faces. Here’s how to paint the correct one:

    1. Hover your loaded cursor over the lower-left corner of the sub-face farthest to the left. Don’t click yet.

    2. When the image is oriented in the right direction, click once.

    3. Click again on the upper-right corner of the same sub-face.

      This places the image; it should be cropped on the right.

  4. Use the Paint Bucket tool with the Alt key (Command on a Mac) held down to sample the texture (image) you just placed.

    This “loads” your Paint Bucket tool with the texture.

  5. With the Paint Bucket tool, click once on the face immediately to the right of the face you painted in Step 3.

    If everything’s working correctly, the image you placed appears on the face you just clicked.

  6. Keep painting sub-faces until you’re done.

    Remember to work your way from left to right; skipping a sub-face messes up things. To fix a problem, just use Undo and keep going.