Modeling with the SketchUp Move Tool - dummies

Modeling with the SketchUp Move Tool

By Aidan Chopra

In SketchUp, the Move tool is very important for modeling; it’s not just for moving whole objects. You can also use this tool to move just about anything, including vertices (edges’ endpoints), edges, faces, and combinations of any of these. By moving only certain entities, you can change the shape of your geometry pretty drastically.


Using the Move tool to create forms (instead of just moving them around) is an incredibly powerful way to work but isn’t particularly intuitive. After all, nothing in the physical world behaves like the Move tool — you can’t just grab the edge of a hardwood floor and move it up to turn it into a ramp in real life. In SketchUp, you can — and should.

The Move tool works in two different ways; you eventually need to use them both, depending on what you’re trying to move:

  • Moving a selection: When you have a selection of one or more entities, the Move tool moves only the things you’ve selected. This comes in handy every time you need to move more than one thing all at once.


  • Moving without a selection: If you don’t have anything selected, you can click anything in your model with the Move tool to move it around. Only the thing you click moves.