How to Use SketchUp’s Push/Pull Tool - dummies

How to Use SketchUp’s Push/Pull Tool

By Aidan Chopra

The Push/Pull tool is a simple creature; use it to extrude flat faces into 3D shapes. It works (like everything else in SketchUp) by clicking. You click a face once to start pushing/pulling it, move your cursor until you like what you see, and then click again to stop pushing/pulling. That’s it.

Push/Pull works only on flat faces; if you need to do something to a curved face, you have to use something else.

The following steps outline how to use Push/Pull to extrude a house’s first floor plan into a 3D model, as shown in the figure:


  1. Select the Push/Pull tool from the toolbar.

    The tool looks like a little box with a red arrow coming out the top.

  2. Click an interior wall’s face once to start extruding it.

    If you click the “floor” face, you’d extrude that, instead. If you choose the wrong face by accident, press Esc to cancel the operation and try again.

  3. Move up your cursor to pull up the wall; click to stop extruding.

    How much you extrude the face doesn’t matter, because you add precision in the next step.

  4. Type 8′ and press Enter.

    When you do this, the push/pull distance is revised to be exactly 8 feet — the height of the ceilings in this house.

  5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for all the interior walls in the house.

    Using Orbit helps you view what you’re doing as you work around the model.

  6. Push/pull the exterior wall to match the height of these interior walls.

    Because the exterior wall face is part of a group (I made it that way on purpose), you need to edit the group before you can do anything to it.

    Right-click the exterior wall face and choose Edit Group from the context menu to get “inside,” where you can follow Steps 2 through 4 in the preceding steps to make the exterior wall group 3D. Click anywhere in space to exit the group when you’re done.