How to Take Your SketchUp Model from 2D to 3D - dummies

How to Take Your SketchUp Model from 2D to 3D

By Aidan Chopra

With a 2D plan in hand, the next step is to extrude it into a 3D model. This is an enormously enjoyable process, and it involves the tool that made SketchUp famous: Push/Pull. You can take a simple floor plan and turn it into 3D walls.

Before you pop up your plan into the third dimension, change your point of view to get a better view of what you’re doing.


  1. Choose Camera→Perspective.

    This turns on SketchUp’s perspective engine, meaning that now you can see things more realistically — the way people really see things in 3D.

  2. Choose Camera→Standard→Iso.

    This switches you from a top view to an isometric (three-quarter) one. You can do this with the Orbit tool, too — you always have more than one way to do everything in SketchUp.

  3. Choose Camera→Zoom Extents.

    Zoom Extents has its own button on the basic toolbar.

  4. Choose Camera→Field of View, type 45, and press Enter.

    You’ve changed the field of view from 35 to 45 degrees. By default, SketchUp’s field of view is set to 35 degrees.