How to Print and Export LayOut Documents - dummies

How to Print and Export LayOut Documents

By Aidan Chopra

LayOut enables you to create documents for presenting your 3D Google SketchUp models, both on paper and onscreen. Printing your documents and exporting them to PDFs are often parts of the pre-presentation process. LayOut was designed to be easy to use, quick to learn, and tightly integrated with SketchUp.

Printing your work in SketchUp

The instructions for printing from LayOut would easily fit on a business card:

  1. Choose File, Print.

    In the Print dialog box, choose which pages to print and how many copies you want.

  2. Click OK to send your document to the printer.

And that, my dear reader, is why you should always insert your SketchUp models into a LayOut document if you need to print them.

You can also export a PDF and use Adobe Acrobat (or Reader) to send the actual job to the printer. The settings in Adobe’s Print dialog box give you more control over the finished product.

Exporting a PDF from SketchUp

Anyone with Adobe Reader software (which is free and is already loaded on millions of computers) can look at a PDF document you create; all you have to do is e-mail it to her. Follow these steps to export your LayOut document as a PDF file:

  1. Choose File, Export, PDF.

    If you’re on a Mac, choose File, Export and then make sure PDF is selected in the Export dialog box. This opens the Export PDF dialog box.

  2. Give your PDF file a name and figure out where to save it on your computer.

  3. Click the Save button (in Windows) to open the PDF Export Options dialog box; click the Options (Mac).

  4. Set the PDF options the way you want them.

    Here’s what everything means:

    • Page: Choose which pages you want to export.

    • Quality: For documents that are small enough to be hand-held, use High. For anything bigger, go with Medium or Low.

    • Layers: PDFs can have layers, just like LayOut documents do. If it makes sense to do so, you can export a layered PDF so that people who view it can turn the layers on and off.

    • Finish: Select this check box to view your PDF after it’s exported.

  5. Mac only: Click OK to close the PDF Export Options dialog box.

  6. Click the Export button (Save button on a Mac) to export your document as a PDF file.