How to Move Between Scenes in Google SketchUp 8 - dummies

How to Move Between Scenes in Google SketchUp 8

By Aidan Chopra

The transitions from scene to scene in Google SketchUp are animated. You don’t have to do anything special to make this happen; it’s something SketchUp automatically does to make things look better. You can adjust the way SketchUp transitions between scenes, which is handy for customizing your presentations. Follow these steps to access these settings:

  1. Choose Window, Model Info.

  2. On the left side of the Model Info dialog box, choose Animation.


  3. In the Scene Transitions area, set how SketchUp transitions from one scene to another.

    These settings apply to both manual (clicking a page tab) and automatic (playing an animation) scene transitions:

    • Enable Scene Transitions: Deselect this check box to make SketchUp change scenes without animating the transitions between them. You probably want to do this if your model is so complex (or your computer is so slow) that animated transitions don’t look good.

    • Seconds: If you’ve selected the Enable Scene Transitions check box, the number of seconds you enter here indicates the time SketchUp takes to transition from one scene to the next. If you’re “moving the camera” very far between scenes, bump up the transition time so that your audience doesn’t get sick. Three seconds is a good compromise between nausea and boredom.

    If you’re presenting an incomplete model (perhaps you’ve thought about the garage and the living room, but nothing in between), it can be helpful to turn off scene transitions. That way, your audience won’t see the things you haven’t worked on when you click a tab to change scenes. It’s sneaky, but effective.

  4. In the Scene Delay area, set the length of time SketchUp pauses on each slide before it moves to the next one.

    If you want the presentation to seem like you’re walking or flying, set this to 0. If you want time to talk about each scene in your presentation, bump this up a few seconds.