How to Make a Texture Projected in SketchUp - dummies

How to Make a Texture Projected in SketchUp

By Aidan Chopra

Modeling with photo-textured faces in SketchUp isn’t hard, but you have to take one critical step before you can do it: You have to make sure that your texture is projected.

The figure shows what happens when you try to push/pull an opening in a photo-textured face: On the left, when the texture isn’t projected, the inside faces are painted with random parts of the texture, making your model look like a sticker-laden eye puzzle.

On the right, when it is projected, note how the “inside” faces that are produced by the push/pull operation are a plain, easy-to-discern gray. This is painting with stretched pixels, and the result is typically more appropriate for what you’re doing.


It’s a good idea to make sure that your face’s texture is projected before you start drawing on top of it. Happily, telling SketchUp to make a photo texture projected is just a matter of flipping a switch. Right-click the face with the photo texture and choose Texture→Projected from the context menu. If you see a check mark next to Projected, your texture is already projected; don’t choose anything.