How to Create a New Style in Google SketchUp 8 - dummies

How to Create a New Style in Google SketchUp 8

By Aidan Chopra

Creating a new style in Google SketchUp adds it to your In Model collection of styles, so you can come back and apply it to your model anytime you like. Follow these steps to create a new style:

  1. Click the Create New Style button in the Styles dialog box.

    This duplicates the style that was applied to your model before you clicked the Create New Style button. Your new style appears in your In Model collection as [name of the original style]1.

  2. Use the controls in the Edit tab to set up your style the way you want.

    Frequently, you want to make a new style after you already make changes to an existing one. If you want to create a new style that reflects modifications you’ve made already, just switch Steps 1 and 2.

  3. Use the Name box (at the top of the Styles dialog box) to give your new style a name and press Enter.

    If you want, you can also give your new style a description in the Description box, though you may want to wait until later.

  4. Click the Update button.

    This updates your new style with all the changes you made in Steps 2 and 3.

  5. Check the In Model collection in the Select tab to make sure that your new style is there.

  6. Click the In Model button (which looks like a little house) to see your In Model Styles collection.

    Your new style appears alphabetically in the list.

If a bunch of styles exist in your In Model collection that you don’t use anymore and you want to clean up things, right-click the Details flyout menu and choose Purge Unused. This gets rid of any styles that aren’t currently applied to any scenes in your model.

Creating a new style doesn’t automatically make it available for use in other SketchUp files.