Adding Images to a LayOut Document - dummies

Adding Images to a LayOut Document

By Aidan Chopra

LayOut gives you the tools to create cover pages, title blocks, callouts, and symbols — whatever needs to accompany views of your model. Inserting images into your LayOut document is a straightforward affair. Just choose File, Insert and take it from there. A few more things to know about images you insert:

  • LayOut can insert raster images. This means TIFFs, JPEGs, GIFs, BMPs, and PNGs — these are all graphics file formats that save pictures as lots of tiny dots.

  • The Mac version of LayOut can also insert PDF files. This is indisputably the best way to bring in vector art, such as logos.

  • Images are a lot like viewports. Moving, resizing, and rotating images works just like it does for SketchUp model views; use the Select tool to do everything.

Unfortunately, LayOut offers no easy way to import editable vector (such as AI, EPS, and SVG) graphics. If you want to use vector graphics in your LayOut document, you have two choices:

  • Make your own. LayOut is actually a pretty fantastic vector illustration tool.

  • Borrow shamelessly from the Scrapbooks panel. One of the best things about LayOut is the hundreds — maybe thousands — of pre-drawn graphical elements you can find in the Scrapbooks panel. You find things like

    • Symbols: Arrows, section markers, north indicators, graphic scales, and column grids

    • Entourage elements: Trees, cars, and people at various scales and levels of detail

    • Color palettes: To help with producing attractive documents quickly

    To use something you see in the Scrapbooks, just click it with the Select tool to “sample” it and then click again to stamp it onto your page. You can keep clicking to stamp more copies, or press the Esc key when you’re ready to exit stamping mode.